About Angola

The coastal nation of Angola covers a vast land area of lowlands, rolling hills, mountains, and plateaus. From its bustling capital and port city of Luanda to its exclave province, Cabinda, Angola has experienced strong economic growth in recent years, albeit an uneven one. It has come mostly as a result of petroleum-rich areas of the country全民彩票官网下载. A restrictive visa process means that Angola has been mostly closed off to tourists, despite its many attractive travel destinations. Angola, the beautiful, remains a mystery to many even today – which makes some even more eager to discover it.


Angola Trivia

What Languages are Spoken in Angola?

Angola is a Southern African nation with a single official language and several national languages. Portuguese, introduced during the colonial era in the country全民彩票官网下载, is spoken widely in the country全民彩票官网下载. It is the official and most spoken language of Angola. Kikongo, Umbundu, and Kimbundu are the most popular indigenous languages of the country全民彩票官网下载.

What Languages Are Spoken In Angola?

Where is Angola?

Angola is a country全民彩票官网下载 located in Southern Africa. The country全民彩票官网下载 was a former Portuguese colony but gained self-rule in 1975. After years of civil war, Angola is slowly emerging as a major economic powerhouse in Africa, and has one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

Fun Facts about Angola

What is the Largest Ethnic Group in Angola?

More than one-third of Angolans are Ovimbundu, while around one-fourth are Ambundu. The Bakongo people comprise the third largest Angolan ethnic group.

Largest Ethnic Groups In Angola

What Kind of Plants Live in Angola?

Some of the plants that live in Angola include the Angolan aframmi, the Newton's groundsel, and the Namib sprokies word succulent trees.

The Native Plants Of Angola

What is the Leading Cause of Death in Angola?

Diarrheal disease is the leading cause of death in Angola, responsible for a total of 12.5% of deaths.

Leading Causes Of Death In Angola

What Kind of Government Does Angola Have?

Angola is a presidential republic, whereby the President of Angola is both head of state and head of government.

What Type Of Government Does Angola Have?

What national parks are in Angola?

There are several national parks in Angola including Bicauri National Park, Cameia National Park, and Cangandala National Park.

Angola's Top National Parks

What is the Largest Religion in Angola?

60% of the population of Angola identifies with being Roman Catholic, the largest religious group in the country全民彩票官网下载.

Religious Beliefs And Freedoms In Angola